Joannah Nanjekye

Accepted Talks:

Deploying and Managing Python with Kubernetes

Because of the benefits of containers, python applications have been containerized recently. Containers have magically changed the way we deploy and manage python applications allowing us to build, develop, test, and even deploy python applications on a single system with no upgrade downtimes.

Kubernetes is the missing layer that gives us the ability to manage many containers by providing features that enable containers to scale, talk to each other and work in harmony.

This talk will focus on how python developers can leverage Kubernetes to manage any sort of python application on Kubernetes from simple to complex applications.

The talk will cover:

  • The basics of Kubernetes.
  • The basics of containerizing python applications.
  • How to run and deploy simple, web and deep learning python pipelines on Kubernetes.
  • How to manage or work with Kubernetes using the Kubernetes python client.

This talk will cover in summary the topics I talk about in my upcoming book "Deploying and Managing Python with Kubernetes" published by Apress sometime this year.