I am a Software Developer at Venture Garden Group, an upcoming Researcher/Data Scientist. I am passionate about women inclusiveness in tech, teaching and problem-solving using technology related tools.

In recent times I have led and facilitated at python workshops, mentored young women, children, teenagers and young adults in their chosen career in software development by leveraging on platforms such as Django girls, organized by Django girls Abuja, Teen code Africa organized by Andela, re: learn organized by CcHub and Coding Bootcamps organized by Visiola Foundation Abuja. This platforms where I served have increasingly inspired my interest and passion for impacting and equipping the younger generations with the positive use of technology.

I love reading, meeting new people and making a positive impact wherever I find myself.

Accepted Talks:

My Journey into Artificial Intelligence

The buzzword in recent times has been AI, what is AI? how can I learn AI? What is the usefulness of AI? How would it impact my business? Why should I learn AI? The questions just keep coming. This talk is supposed to present in practical terms how a young African girl got her start in AI, the journey so far, where she is now, and the possibilities of a future in AI.

It will also explain in details, the resources and materials she utilized in her learning with Python being the most resourceful, it will explain python's many functionalities and tools which she has found and used, most especially in it's application to data science and artificial intelligence, projects she has worked on, of which an image classifier was one of them. She would also talk about the mistakes she made, the successes she attained, the lessons she learned and finally the BIG PICTURE of her AI dream.