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PyCon ZA 2018 is over, so ticket sales have closed.

Ticket categories are described more fully on the ticket prices page.

Python for Everyone

Tickets for the Python for Everyone workshop can be bought on the "Python for Everyone" Quicket page.

Queries and Changes

For queries regarding invoices and the ticketing process, please contact

For ticket name and dietary changes please contact

Sponsored Tickets

Sponsor a ticket

To sponsor an attendee to the conference, please purchase a ticket and log into your Quicket account to transfer it to We will make these tickets available to attendees applying for sponsorship. You can also transfer a ticket to someone directly. It is possible to transfer any kind of ticket.

Request a sponsored ticket

If you would like to apply for a sponsored ticket, please email us at with a brief motivation, and indicate whether you are a full-time student or pensioner.

The number of sponsored tickets available is very limited, so we will be selective about how they are awarded.