Sanic: Async Python (uvloop) with a familiar flask like feel. by Christo Goosen
Bayesian Analysis in Python: A Starter Kit by Andrew Collier
Jupyter Notebooks for Data Science by Ari Ramkilowan
Python as a tool to boost productivity in (electronic) product and system development. by Johan Hartman
Developing good ORMs is HARD! by Nickolas Grigoriadis
An introduction to concurrent programming with asyncio by Bruce Merry
Dimensionality reduction - squeezing out the good stuff with PCA by Aabir Abubaker Kar
The Developer's Guide to Data Science by Helge Reikeras
Test your Docker images with Python by Jamie Hewland
Deploying and Managing Python with Kubernetes by Joannah Nanjekye
Playing with Python's internals by Alex Hall
How to deploy your Python Web App on Google Cloud Platform by James Mwai
Bring Django Girls Workshop to Mozambique. by Cecilia Tivir & Carina Matimbe
Parallel Programming with (Py)OpenCL for Fun and Profit by Gordon Inggs
From Zero to kind of a hero: Getting your Python side project ready for deployment by Sewagodimo Matlapeng
Python as a tool for e-health systems by Diana Pholo
Testing in the wild by Heather Williams
Reproducible Data Science with Docker by Richard Ackon
(Re)solving an appliance traffic dilemma with the DNS loophole by Marco Slaviero
Fast random number generation in Python and NumPy by Bernardt Duvenhage
My Journey into Artificial Intelligence by Blessing Malumi
Building Rest API with Django Rest Framework by Jose Machava
Batteries Included by Jonatas Baldin