Building Web Mapping Applications using GeoDjango and other FOSS GIS

Speaker: Christian Christelis

Track: Web

Type: Tutorial

Room: Yellowwood

Time: Oct 10 (Wed), 13:30

Duration: 4:00

GeoDjango is a web application development framework, extending the Django project to include support for GeoSpatial web application development. With GeoDjango you can create web-enabled forms that capture both text-based data and geographical data (e.g. polygons / lines / points).

The Django framework makes use of the model/view/controller (MVC) design pattern (which we will explain) to allow you to build a clean application architecture. Django also provides all the infrastructure to do object-relational mapping (ORM). ORM is used to model your data structures in a database backend and automatically save and retrieve objects from the database as they are needed. There are many other great features of Django which we will try to give you a flavour of during this tutorial course.

Through the tutorial we will build a simple Django application that integrates map services. To get the most out of this tutorial it would be good if you have had some exposure to Django.