Venue, dates and times

The PyCon ZA 2018 sprints will be held at the offices of Brave Digital in Randburg. We are very grateful to them for being willing to host us.

  • Date: 13th and 14th of October
  • Time: 9:00 until 20:00
  • Where: 8 Chester Rd, Greenside East, Randburg

Sprint Topics

To add a sprint topic to this list, please email team@za.pycon.org with the details

Currently proposed sprint topics

What was worked on

  • wafer
    • Support for choosing a license for video files was added
    • The debconf site was updated to the changes to producing static sites
    • Various discussions about the scheduler and how to make it more flexible happened
  • isfdb2-calibre
    • Updated to the latest IFSDB html changes
    • Various other fixes
  • Seaworthy
    • Moved steaming tools into a seaworthy.stream module
    • Improved support for docker health checks
  • Tomu
    • There was much poking and prodding at Tomu.
  • PyGame
  • MicroPython
    • Playing around with install MicroPython on the ESP32.
  • Conference admin:
    • Video uploads
    • Asking speakers for talk slides and getting those up on Slidedeck.
    • Sorting out invoices and payments for various things.