Open Source Week

The Organizing teams of PyConZA, LinuxConfZA and PGConfZA are proud to announce the first ever Open Source week. This will be a monumental and historic first for South Africa (and Africa), as we host a series of community-organized conferences and events for an entire week at the same venue.

Open Source week will start on 8 October and end on 14 October. Besides the main conferences, some of the exciting other events that will be happening during Open Source week include: Women in Tech, lots of in-depth tutorials and the weekend hackathon/sprints.

About South Africa, the venue and location

October is a great time to visit South Africa. It will be the peak of Spring, moderately warm during the day/night, low season (affordable flights and accommodation) and you will get to see the Jacaranda trees bloom. The favourable exchange-rates also makes visiting South Africa extremely affordable for our international guests.

To ensure the safety concerns of our visitors, we have also decided to host all 3 conferences at an all-in-1 facility. The Birchwood Hotel provides accommodation, conferencing facilities and restaurants in a secured location. They also offer a free daily shuttle to/from the OR Tambo airport, which is approximately 10 minutes away from the venue.

For those wishing to visit other parts of South Africa during your trip (Kruger National Park or Cape Town), the proximity of the airport makes this much easier.

Messages from the organizers of each conference

It is really exciting to be hosting all these conferences together at the same venue and in the same week! I am looking forward to the events and meeting new faces. - Adam Piskorski (Lead Organizer PyConZA)

The only thing better than attending an Open Source conference is being able to attend 3 different Open Source conferences back-to-back in the same week and at the same venue. - Malcolm McLean (Co-Lead Organizer LinuxConf/PostgresConf)

We are looking forward to an entire week of Open Source. Our whole company is gearing up to attend all the different days as there is something for everybody and every department. - Kobus Wolvaardt (Co-Lead Organizer PostgresConf)

Looking forward to a week of technical discussions, it's awesome that we have conferences that both focus on specific areas of expertise, as well as a forum for broader Linux technical discussion. - Jaco Kroon (Co-Lead Organizer LinuxConf)

Getting involved

If you are interested in attending the conferences, you can purchase your tickets here:

The other exciting news we have for attendees is that if you purchase tickets for 1 of the events, you will get a 5% discount for each of the other 2 events. Discount codes will be shown on the ticket after purchase.

You can also submit a talk proposal for the conferences here:

We also welcome any companies interested in sponsoring:

Sponsorships are a great way for companies to expose their products, attract new employees and display a sense of goodwill.

We look forward to seeing you all at Open Source week!